Best Designer Shoes in GCC

Best Designer Shoes in GCC

United Nude is renowned for its extensive collection of stylish and innovative shoe designs, encompassing a wide range of styles from sandals and boots to sneakers and pumps. Our SS23 Collection captures the essence of the digital world with its vibrant hues and futuristic aesthetics, while also prioritizing comfort for an exceptional wearing experience. This season, United Nude brings together iconic classics like the Delta Run, Wa Lo, and Mobius, offering them in new captivating colorways alongside captivating new styles.

One notable design from is the Roko Surf, a wedge sneaker featuring a trans-seasonal cut-out upper. Its geometric silhouette and neoprene mesh overlay offer a directional summer glow. With an EPR outsole and footbed, this style provides a sporty bounce, while the signature construction with leather and heavy cotton Velcro straps showcases the brand's robust side. The Roko Surf comes in four distinct monochrome colorways, boasting painted edges and chiseled branding.

The Mobius line, which launched United Nude into the design spotlight, has become an icon in the industry. Inspired by the Mobius strip, this unique style features a single band forming the sole, heel, foot-bed, and upper of the shoe. The fiber-reinforced nylon heel adds strength while keeping the shoe remarkably light. It's a perfect blend of art and functionality.

Another standout style is the Nomad, a hybrid cutout bootie with a soft neoprene mesh upper and oversized technical trimmings. It combines a slim, architecture-inspired high heel with a small platform for extra comfort. The sculptural Delta Wedge Sandal expresses United Nude's geometric and futuristic style with its varying tonalities. This 100mm tall sandal boasts a two-strap leather upper with Velcro fastening and a spongy foot-bed for added comfort.

For those seeking power dressing, the elegant Heels of SIA STRAPPY HI offer a commanding presence, while the Stiletto gains relevance in line with the growing appeal of smartening up. The adjustable leather straps overlap to encapsulate the foot comfortably. The Rico Sandal continues to be a popular style, now featuring a new foot-bed and EVA outsole. Its straight lines and slip-on urban sandal design combine soft leather with United Nude's signature elastics.

The Loop Hi remains a coveted style that encircles the foot entirely in upper and heel. With elasticized areas for an optimal fit, this minimalist shoe provides both comfort and support. The UN Mule Mid is a closed-toe mule with an angular toe box and a bold square rand, while the Carve Pump showcases a slip-on mid heel with a stretchy satin fabric upper and a hollowed ball-shaped heel inspired by the concept of negative space.

United Nude's commitment to innovation is exemplified by the Hybrid Jane Lo, a molded EVA shoe concept with adjustable straps for a personalized fit. It seamlessly combines fashion and comfort with its architecture-inspired design. The Ko Mid sandal wedge features the brand's signature construction with leathers, nylon tape Velcro straps, and a square outsole, providing extra support and comfort.

With a vast range of styles and designs, United Nude offers something for every fashion-forward individual. From sporty and modern options like the Mega MJ and Mega Sock to the daring and sculptural Sonar Nomadic Mid, our collection ensures you can make a statement with your footwear choices.

Whether you're in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirates in UAE; or other Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman or Bahrain; United Nude provides convenient shipping options, allowing you to indulge in their fashion-forward designs and elevate your personal style.